New Veteran’s Plaza unveiled in Jefferson County at historic courthouse in Louisville


As we get ready for to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, on Thursday, Jefferson County hosted a tribute to the sacrifices made by those who have served our country. County leaders unveiled the new Veteran’s Plaza at the historic courthouse in Louisville. 

The historic courthouse sits where the capitol of Georgia once sat. Now, the Veteran’s Plaza is there to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Monuments hold the names of those from Jefferson County who never came home from war. 

A lot of those guys back in the day would actually kind of fib on their age so some of those guys were probably like 15 or 16 years old. They were kids, said Army Veteran Clifford Jordan as he looked at the memorial for the first time. 

Jordan was born into a military family so it was only fitting for him to serve also

I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, Jordan said. I was in the 82nd Airborne. I felt privileged to serve. It was a great time. It taught me a lot of good things about this country and all the sacrifices that soldiers made. 

Recognition of those sacrifices is the purpose of the Veteran’s Plaza and the unveiling ceremony that happened on Thursday night. 

A lot of these people didn’t come home, said County Chairman Mitchell McGraw. They fought for our freedom so that we can stand here and talk on the TV without any repercussions.

Chairman McGraw says the money necessary to make this happen, came from you, the community.

Most of it came from donations from the community because they stepped forward and said these are our veterans and the money rolled in, McGraw explained. 

Adjacent to the monuments that hold the names of fallen service members there is a rose garden that acknowledges the role women played in world war two. 

Congressman Jody Hice brought this forward and wanted a rose garden done in every community to have notoriety to Rosie the Riveter and we’re proud to have a Rosie the Riveter that lived right here in Jefferson County, McGraw says. 

McGraw says the Veteran’s Plaza is a symbol to honor whose who served and to teach future generations of their sacrifice. 

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