Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – We got one driver to stop on Flagler Road in Belair Hills Estates, who tells us traffic here needs to slow down.  

“Various times of the day they do speed, I’ve seen it happen, many times, so, the speed bumps would be sensational as far as stopping the traffic or at least slowing it down,” said Moses Cummings.

Neighborhood residents petitioning the city for three speed humps in the area near M.M Scott Park.

“When you have people flying doing sixty, seventy miles per hour you have kids out here, so it’s definitely needed especially right here in front of the park,” said Jerald Brown.

Under the city speed bump policy, a majority of residents in the area must sign the petition to get them, then a speeding study is conducted to make sure there is a problem, the study found in one case a speed of more than 90 miles per hour on Flagler Road.

“They’re flying, they’re going up they are going down even people passing through the neighborhood going to one place or another they’re speeding up through here,” said Brown.

There are speed humps on Bellmeade Drive now after residents petitioned to get them.

Under the new policy the city covers the $4000-dollar cost for each device, before residents in the neighborhood were charged a special tax until they were paid off.

On Flagler Road they want them as soon as possible.

Tomorrow, tomorrow would be great,” said Cummings.

The Flagler Road speed humps head to the Commissioner engineering committee on Tuesday.