New senior, community center headed to Fairfax, South Carolina


FAIRFAX, S.C. (WJBF) — An Allendale County, South Carolina town will have a bigger place to hold activities for the entire community.

“When it’s here in the Town of Fairfax everybody can feel a part of it because it’s in the middle of Fairfax,” Tiffine Forester told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk when asked about the location for the new senior and community center.

The new center is shaping up to be a vast improvement over the existing building. “It’s been a project that has been going on for about three years now and we finally got it moving,” Councilman Albert Sauls said.

Construction continues at the site both inside and outside of the building. One goal of town officials, to keep it close to the center of town as the original center for seniors. “The community always had a central point that everything takes place,” Councilman Sauls shared.

The building is rather large. When you walk inside, the front door leads directly to the lobby. There, you will find a large multi-purpose room with restrooms and a kitchen. “It will seat anywhere in the neighborhood of 280 people. Standing probably a little over 350,” Councilman Sauls said.

It’s not just for activities to keep those young and the young at heart active. Other activities like voting and banquets could also take place there. Officials are working to keep the feel of the original building over at the new one. “We are putting cedar siding and rock on the bottom so we are trying to make it look nice and not just have a metal building here,” Councilman Sauls shared.

Funding came from the Penny Sales Tax and state funds. This is the first phase of the project with the second one starting in November. “We start the second phase and finish work on the inside and then the parking lot which we’ll enhance the parking lot,” he added.

It’s a way for town leaders to make sure that residents like Tiffine Forester have a place to build relationships.”I’m excited about our youth being able to have someplace to go as well as our seniors,” she said.

The senior center is not the only project that is being worked on. Town officials are hoping to get a grocery store in the area. “It’s been a kind of slow process in getting someone interested enough in doing that,” Councilman Sauls recalls. “Our town needs one even though we are a five-mile radius with Allendale, it’s just something about a local business that’s been really good for us and that’s the thing that we will be focused on once this is completed,” he added.

Meanwhile, the project involving the senior and community center is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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