AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – It’s time to celebrate the new school year. And for USC Aiken, that means celebrating one of their largest incoming classes.

“We’re expecting approximately 640 freshmen, which would be a near record for USC Aiken,” said Director of Admissions Andrew Hendrix.

According to USC-Aiken: “While a majority of USC-Aiken hail from South Carolina and Georgia, other top states include North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, along with students from California and New York.”

This year’s freshman class also includes four international students.

The school celebrated Freshman Convocation Day, giving the new students a taste of a newer tradition.

They made the trot from the historic Quad fountain, across the bridge, and ending up at the Convocation Center–where staff welcomed them with open arms.

Students say they are excited for what’s to come.

“I’m super excited. I love meeting new people, I’m excited for meeting so many new people, making an impact, getting involved. I think it’s a good opportunity for all of us, especially to work together to make a difference,” said freshman Reese Kirkland.

“This is just a new beginning, and new horizon. High school, it came and went, but I’m really just excited to meet everybody, adjust to my new classes, and get situated with this new school,” said freshman Cooper Jeremiah.

Hendrix hopes these students will get the tools they need for a successful future. But for now, having them here is helping the success of the university.

“We want this to be a group that helps us build, as we continue to grow the university. We want an even larger freshmen class next year, so we’re looking for great things out of this group,” said Hendrix.

The first day of class for students is Thursday.

The record will be confirmed when final class numbers will be released in October.