AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta commissioners are looking for a permanent city administrator, but some wonder who would want the job.

“It’s tough to bring someone in to work for 11 bosses, I don’t think that sets the right path forward for Augusta,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

On Monday, a commission committee took up the search recommending reducing the experience needed from three to five years to six months.

“I think you’re going to see a much bigger conversation on that coming up with the full commission,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.

A conversation that could take a major twist. Commissioner Sean Frantom proposes taking powers away from the commission, like hiring and firing department heads, and giving them to the city administrator.

“I think right now we need to change the charter; I think we need to look at how we can give more authority to the city administrator, and I think we need to do a workshop on that,” said Commissioner Frantom.

Commissioner Jordan Johnson did not recommend a work session or changing the administrator’s powers but is willing to listen.

“If that’s the discussion the commission would like to have, we shouldn’t shy away from having that discussion if folks feel the administrator needs more authority, then we need to lay out what that looks like and see if the commission can agree to it,” said Commissioner Johnson.  

“When you look at the history of this government, we get a bad rap on some of the decisions we make, I think this is the right decision to move Augusta forward in a positive way,” said Frantom.

Augusta has been without a permanent administrator for 11 months; it looks like it could take even more time before a decision is made.