AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – For two decades Regency Mall has sat empty on a 50-acre lot at Gordon Highway and Deans Bridge Road, but Steven Kendrick – a candidate for Mayor who’s also chair of the city’s Economic Development Authority said new plans could revitalize the area.

“The growth and revitalization of South Augusta is just beginning,” Kendrick said.

Kendrick submitted plans to the Augusta planning and development commission for a mixed use space that would transform the old Regency Mall property into Cardinal Town Square.

“A grocery store, a fitness center, several restaurants, a performing arts theatre, an academic facility, greenspace and what could be much more,” Kendrick said.

It would also include an apartment complex that would bring housing for up to 2,000 people, a move Kendrick said would bring more businesses into the gateway to South Augusta.

“You bring 2,000 residents to a community those businesses follow. So now all the potential businesses in South Gate plaza and the parcels around now have hope that they can get a great use for their own property because the people are there to be able to support the businesses,” Kendrick said.

Its a project that’s gained the support of several commission members who were in attendance for Kendrick’s announcement Tuesday.

“This is exciting. Its good to see that there is a game plan moving forward. Hopefully this timeline that we’ve heard about today will be something we can really stick with and see come to fruition,” District 8 commissioner Brandon Garrett said.

While this isn’t the first time revitalization has been proposed for the space, Kendrick said this time there are actual plans that have been proposed by the owners of the property.

“I realize there may be skepticism, but this opportunity is different and the actual plans have been submitted to Augusta planning and development for approval of this transformational project from work done from local architects and engineers.”

While Kendrick did not say how much the project would cost he said the plan is to fund the project through private investments.