HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) – Plans to build a new neighborhood in Richmond County are in the works but many homeowners believe the location of the proposed neighborhood is not a good idea.

The proposed neighborhood is being called Spirits Crossing. Townhomes would be built on the empty lot where Mike Padgett Highway meets Brown Road.

“Starting out in the 260s ($260,000) for the detached units and 160s ($160,000) for the attached units,” said developer Lorenz Quinn.

There would be 95 developed lots.

After COVID-19 related delays, the proposal was presented to the Augusta Planning Commission on June 1. The developers are requesting three rezonings. The property was originally rezoned in 2004 with a commercial section on the corner.

Quinn explained, “One of them basically makes the commercial section a little larger. One of them redefines the type of zoning in the residential section and there was a little portion of it that was sort of in the grey area that we kind of split up between the commercial and moved it back to residential.”

The proposed neighborhood has several neighbors concerned. There is a petition going around that has about 130 signatures.

Rex Michael lives close to where Spirits Crossing would be. He said, “It’s a 0.2 annual percent hazard. And we’re wondering why the county is willing to place homes in this area that will flood sooner or later.”

“We have a pretty good flood study in that area now that shows us a good base flood elevation (three feet). And from that elevation, we can make sure that all finished floors and all property would be built above that flood elevation,” said Quinn.

Spirits Crossing would also have one entrance and exit.

“Average family has two cars so you’re looking at 190 cars going in and out of that intersection. Plus the school bus, the garbage vehicles, the delivery vehicles, and anything else. Someone coming in to fix an air condition unit,” said Michael.

Quinn explained, “Turn in would be at a light. There’s an XL lane off of Brown Road that would actually be widened. Our development would extend that and make that easier. Just to extend it right up to our entrance so you’d have a little bit longer turn lane to get on to 56.”

Quinn does plan to build some amenities at the end of Brown Road. He plans to meet with concerned neighbors soon but finding a location has been a challenge because of COVID-19.

The planning commission delayed the vote to approve Spirits Crossing until July.