New medicinal marijuana bill gives many families hope


Georgia’s new medical marijuana law might be life changing. 

A local doctor, who is also a state lawmaker, says the impact could be significant. 

The new law is “welcome news” for a local mom. Her son is prone to seizures and he’s been using medical marijuana since 2015. She says it’s allowed him to get off certain medications.

At seven years old,12 medications, and up to 80 seizures a day, Valerie McCormick says she was running out of options to help her son, Preston.

“That’s when we decided to try the cannabis,” says McCormick.

Preston was diagnosed with a rare form of Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.

McCormick says there was a time where he was unresponsive, but medicinal marijuana changed the game.

She says, “ow, when you talk to him or touch him, he actually responds and he looks.”

McCormick got the medical CBD oil legally through a trial study back in 2015.  

“The first bill passed, said okay well you’re allowed to possess it, but it’s up to you to figure out how to get it here,” she says.

Now, Governor Kemp has made it legal for up to six private entities to grow the plant in the state of Georgia for medical purposes only. The bill also signs off on two research centers.

State Representative and doctor, Mark Newton, says, “by having the capacity to produce some in Georgia, and then do some research, we should get better informed information.”

Under this new law, medicinal marijuana cannot be advertised, smoked or vaped, and can only be recommended for sixteen different conditions.

“This is a bill that is for strict medical use, highly controlled, tightly controlled, very limited, and I think it can make a difference for some Georgia famlies,” says Dr. Newton.

He says the bill is crafted to prevent recreational use.

“This is CBD oil that has up to 5% thc, which we call low THC because of the fact that cannabis on the street now is 7%-20%,” says Dr. Newton.

McCormick now gives Preston oils that contain up to .3% of THC. She says she would give him more potent oils to his benefit. hoping for one day that he would be totally off medication.

“In the neurology field alone, i mean it’s going to be life changing,” says McCormick.

in the coming  months the state will set up a commission to see if the University of Georgia and Augusta University will take part in the research.

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