New information about electrical failures at Fleming Park


Flemming Park in South Augusta is being inspected Thursday. It’s the same park where a 12-year-old child was electrocuted last year. The family of Melquan Robinson Jr. blames the city and is suing.

Rob Register, the lawyer with Beasley Allen Law Firm representing the family of Melquan, brought his electrical experts out again to do further inspection of the lights and the wiring at Fleming Park. 

Right now they are inspecting the systems on the ground. Earlier, the electricians were up taking pictures of the actual lights themselves. 

“It is obvious to everyone who inspected the park that there is no equipment grounding conductor,” says Register. “The national electric code requires an equipment grounding conductor, absolutely. The Augusta building code requires that every building, every structure, every appertanence such as these fields comply with the Augusta code and with the national electric code. The Therefore this field had to have an equipment grounding conductor and the sad part is, if the system had an equipment grounding conductor when the event occurred, the power would have shut off and Melquan would not have been electrocuted.”

The experts he hired found the lights at Flemming did not have the proper mechanism to shut the system off in the event of a ground fault, a power surge, which they say is required by both Augusta code and the electrical code.

Original story below:

The city of Augusta has been given official notice that the family of Malquan Robinson intends to seek damages after the child was electrocuted at Fleming Park.

The Ante-Litem notice obtained by NewsChannel 6 states, the fence at Fleming Park did not have a grounding wire and that the electrical work did not meet Augusta-Richmond County code or the National Electric Code.  

The notice claims city officials were aware of the dangerous conditions at the park for many years and were negligent in acting on fixing the wiring.  

NewsChannel 6 also obtained an email sent from the Athletic Manager to the facilities director stating a child was shocked by the fence in 2014.  

Lonnie Wymberly, the Deputy Director of Facilities replied, “the fence needed to be grounded and it had been taken care” ((sic)) of.

You can read the full notice HERE

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