AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The new grass cutting contract approved by commissioners is raising questions, as the new deal pays contractors only $100,000 more than the current one. 

But the number of road cuts increases from 6 to 8, reducing the controversial cost per mile from $3,300 to $2,500. 

“The higher gas prices, the higher wage we have to pay now, it just doesn’t make sense now does it? It’s questionable,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

Commissioners admit the current grass cutting contract hasn’t been so good.  

“Looks like, unfortunately, we were a little bit high, we were trying to get the program going pretty fast, maybe not held to as much accountability, now that were in the sixth year of the program, to go down $800 per mile, that’s a great thing for the citizens,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

But what Clarke says would be great is an in-depth audit of the stormwater program, to see why cutting grass costs so much.

“I think the numbers should be revealed, I think a history of what’s been going on and where the money is going,” said Commissioner Clarke.

But Clarke’s call for an in-depth audit failed Tuesday. Some say an audit would get in the way of the stormwater projects.  

“As far as like shutting the program down to do a full audit, think based on what we’ve done auditing.”

“For people to think, ‘oh my lord, you got to shut the government down while your doing an audit, no grass is going to get cut,’ that’s not correct, businesses have audits and in-depth audits all the time,” said Clarke.  

But now commissioners are not ready to get into the weeds on the costs of the stormwater program.