AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s a source of constant complaints, overgrown grass along Augusta’s right of ways, but now there’s a new three-year deal to deal with it.  

 “All this overgrown everywhere you look, you know, it is costly, it does cost, but it’s something that we need to happen,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.

Commissioners approved a new contract with five private companies to cut city right of ways beginning in January. But the new contract doesn’t come with a new lower cost.

Right now, the city spends just over $3.1 million in stormwater money for right-of-way maintenance. The new contract is just over $3.2 million.   

“We do need the grass cut and the ditches clean because that is one of the reasons why we have so much flooding because we don’t have enough resources to address the issues,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But one issue commissioners wanted to address was cutting costs for roadside mowing, but that’s not reflected in the new deal. 

“That’s one of the things we’ve been pushing for quite a few years now is to find those savings but in today’s world with prices skyrocketing it’s hard to find that,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

Despite this, commissioners are getting a better deal on the cost per mile. Right now, it’s around $3,500 a mile, but next year it will go to $2,500, that’s because the number of cuts goes from six a year to eight.

“More cuts, less cost per mile, we’re able to meet our goal and that is to get rid of the overgrowth we have in the community,” said Commissioner Williams.

There will be more stormwater money spent for roadside maintenance next year, but fee payers will see more mowing.