Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Hundreds of thousands of dollars in rescue act funding proposed for two of the city’s most popular parks but commissioners want to consider their options before saying okay.  

 Riverwalk still draws a crowd, and the Recreation Department wants it to draw Rescue Act funding, but commissioners will decide how much.

Not sure, I think there’s support for some of the items, you know Riverwalk is such a big tourist destination we have got to get that area fixed,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

The proposal before commissioners, 700, thousand dollars, for a splash pad, shade structures and a new restroom at Riverwalk.

“This is a good opportunity, on our Riverwalk, make Riverwalk the best possible place it can be if the money has already been allocated let’s roll with it,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Along with Riverwalk there is 150 thousand dollars for improving and expanding tennis and pickleball courts at Diamond Lake.

“I don’t think we’ve done a great enough job for anyone of those two that is our most used facility Diamond Lakes we have to do a better job and now is the time to begin the process.” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

But a commission committee did not act on the proposal Tuesday because commissioners are planning to   tour all city parks to see all the needs, the tour could decide how much funding finds it way tp Riverwalk and Diamond Lakes.

“We are really going to look and see what parks we could possibly close, which parks do we see the biggest usage in what parks and what they need, could the allocation change absolutely,” said Commissioner Frantom.

The commission bus tour of the parks is scheduled for next week; the parks funding proposal will go back to the Public Services Committee in two weeks.