Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The mayoral runoff is underway and with that we will see new endorsements from city leaders even as one commissioner says that’s something commissioners should not do.  

 The battle for ballots goes on between Steven Kendrick and Garnett Johnson. 

 The two top vote getters Tuesday are facing off in next month’s runoff. 

 Marion Williams finished third and both candidates would like his votes to become theirs.

“I heard from both candidates, and I told them I would talk to them I’m going to make an endorsement because I think it’s important, I haven’t reached a decision yet. I know both, but our policy is a little bit different,” said Marion Williams.

Commissioner Dennis Williams considered a run for mayor this year before deciding against it and says he will also be making an endorsement in the run-off.

“Your responsibility as leadership in our community, to support one of the other candidates that’s. what I’m doing now is evaluating the situation to determine who is the best candidate,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Endorsements are important, Steven Kendrick’s campaign website lists the endorsements from three current Augusta Commissioners, “That’s a bad mistake, the situation is this when you are sitting already in a position as a commissioner you do not want to give the idea that you are for one or the other,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

 “I don’t think commissioners should be endorsing, if their candidate doesn’t win, it’s going to create some hostility there even though it will not be said in the back of their minds its oh you did not support me,” said Marion Williams.

Dennis Williams does not see a commissioner endorsement as an issue.

“The main goal and aim is to provide good service to our community just because you don’t like me and I don’t like you does not mean we can’t work for the common good of all,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioner Dennis Williams is going to weigh in on other issues as well he says he’s going to endorse in the District 2 runoff, as well as the District 10 runoff, but says he will make that announcement public next week.