New Ellenton mother continues search for her 15 year-old daughter


UPDATE: Family members say Madison Martin has been found and is safe.

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF)-Leigha Maag is currently searching for her 15 year-old daughter, Madison Martin. She says she was told her daughter was last seen here at this Salvation Army before she was turned away because she was not accompanied by an adult. Now this mother says she’s living her worst nightmare.

“I can’t just see her doing this, this isn’t my Maddie,” says the mother who desperately searching for her daughter.

The day her daughter went missing, Maag was in Ohio finishing their move to South Carolina. While she finished, her daughter remained in New Ellneton. Maag says says she spoke to her Maddie, just a few hours before she received the call that she says changed her life. She says an amber alert was not activated, because investigators consider this a runaway case.

“It’s a fear more and more everyday that she’s gone.”

Maag says it’s not like her daughter to runaway.
Maddie didn’t have a phone, and Maag says she never showed much interest in boys.

“Shes bubbly, she’s goofy. Oh my goodness she is my child. She loves to read, she loves to draw and she likes to take pictures. She took her camera with her.”

Maag says she’ll do whatever it takes to find her daughter.
Since she is new to the area, she says she’s already broken some rules.

“I’ve already gone the places the cop said don’t go, I have already been there. Those are places they said not to go, she wouldn’t know not to go there.”

Here is a description of what Madison looks like. She is white with hazel eyes. Blonde hair with brunette roots and 5 feet and 4 inches tall.
Maag says thinking about being reunited with her daughter is the only thing keeping her alive.

“I don’t have that feeling that she’s gone from here. Her presence is still here, I can feel that.”

She says she will not stop searching for her daughter until she brings her home. Before we sat down with her mother, she picked up 50 more flyers not including the ones that she has already passed out. She asked anyone has any information to contact the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

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