AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 is learning more about the man charged with two counts of secretly recording people staying in several of his rental properties.

SLED investigators say Rhett Riviere used hidden cameras to secretly record people in two of his rental properties back in 2001. He is charged with two new counts of voyeurism in that case. Those charges, in addition to two last year, date back to 2019.

Ryan Beasley represents one of the alleged victims in the 2019 case. “We just happened to be able to identify this one video because because he had him categorized by name and one of our witnesses knew the names, and we were able to call those people apparently their video was from 2001.”

Beasley says his Riviere secretly taped his client. “He videotaped her, changing on multiple occasions. Then one of her friends got wind that she had those videos, and she said, if you don’t turn those into the police, I’m turning both of y’all in, because she had called Ret Rivera looking at her window years prior,” he said.

State investigators later contacted many of the victims.

NewsChannel 6 reviewed online data on the 68-year-old.

We learned Riviere has owned 20 properties in the area since the mid-1980s. Before 2021, he had only been charged with traffic offenses.

The lawyers for two alleged victims are asking the court to examine electronic devices seized from Riviere’s house by state investigators. Both alleged victims have filed a civil lawsuit over the incidents. Beasley says the videos could land Riviere in even more legal trouble. “They are disgusting. They are people having sex, [she] looked like an underage female. There are multiple women undressing. May be even a sexual assault,” he said. SLED says there are two separate investigations involving Riviere going on right now.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to Riviere’s attorney, who would not comment. Riviere has bonded out of jail. He’ll be back in court in September.