New curbside recycling proposal emerges


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Whatever decision Augusta leaders make garbage service would be changing including recycling now a new idea being tossed out that would keep curbside recycling, at least partially.  

City leaders say curbside recycling, needs to go, only a third of customers take part and its costing about 300 thousand dollars a year.  

“We just need to go ahead and end it because the program is a failure I would just go ahead and say that I believe the program is a failure,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

 But landfill officials have been in talks with North Augusta to take Augusta’s materials,   

Augusta would only face transportation costs saving the city more than 240 thousand dollars. 

“It’s a great idea I was really put off that we haven’t heard about this before now it’s been a conversation going on 8 months now, we’re just getting around to a possible solution,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

 But North Augusta’s recycling center would only take clear plastic, Augusta customs would have to start separating their materials. 

“Have to separate the clear plastic from the green plastic from the blue plastic I just don’t see that happening,” said Commissioner Clarke.  

 Landfill officials say to ensure clear plastic only they would have volunteer look into recycling bins, three violations and you could lose your bin. 

 “You take away the bins that they were trying to recycle in they would put it in the regular garbage that’s not going to work my opinion,” said Commissioner Marion Williams  

 “I think with a little bit of education to help them understand the benefits behind it I think most citizens would want to do it,” said Commissioner Garrett. 

 If commissioners plan to re-bid the garbage contracts, they are on a tight time table even so city leaders are seeing at least one more work session will be needed in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6  

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