EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A new business is getting ready for its grand opening in Evans.

“Teaspoon is a Boba tea shop based out of California, this is the first location in the state of Georgia, and Teaspoon, it has the traditional Boba and we added an American twist to it,” said Owner, Skyler Byrd.

Not only is the new business ready to open, but when you walk inside one of the first things you’ll see is a mural from local artist  Emily Bender.

“I think that art brings communities together and it adds a bit of life to cities who might need a little boost, or have an extra way to market themselves.”

Owner, Skyler Byrd, loved the chance to team up with Beautify Augusta, and get to work with a local artist.

“My goal of opening a Teaspoon in my hometown was to get connected with the community and to really bring the community together and to highlight these special people in the Augusta area and this was the first start in a perfect opportunity thanks to Beautify Augusta,” said Byrd.

It took Emily about two weeks to complete the whole project and now she’s ready for people to come in and see the finished product.

“I’ve already gotten an overwhelming response from people liking it. It’s very touching and humbling and I’m very blessed to have gotten that feedback. You can tell once you get up close that someone hand painted that and I hope that transitions in to, oh this place took the time to really put in the work and attention to detail and hopefully that’s also reflected in Teaspoons branding and their drinks and everything else,” said Bended.

Teaspoon is ready to open for business and if you stop in be sure to take a picture in front of their new mural.

“I want everybody to be amazed, this store is beautiful and to want to take photos in front of it and this mural just adds the extra spunk to the store,” said Byrd.

Teaspoon opens Wednesday, September the 27th.