AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Non-Profit organization Beautify Augusta supports the installation of public works of art by bringing together local business owners and artists.

Their latest project, “The Downtown Augusta Coloring Book,” does just that, and it’s a fun way to highlight local business owners and artists.

Inside, you’ll not only find pictures to color, but information as well.

“It really just helps to put a face to some of the businesses in this area. It also piques interest, and it gets people interested in the downtown area. They want to come down here, walk around, shop around, look at these different businesses, and get more familiar with them,” said Co-Founder of Beautify Augusta, Jessica Baskette.

The group dropped off copies of the books to local businesses, and for any book that’s sold, the money goes right back into the community.

“With those funds, we will hire local artists to do more works of art downtown,” said Baskette.

Business owners and artists were excited to get their hands on the book.

“It’s super cool to see your artwork in an actual coloring book, and I have a little one so I’m super excited to bring this home today,” said Local Artist, April Henry King.

“I’m really excited to see all the pages and be able to color them with my daughter, and I’m excited to share them with the community,” said Owner of Grantski Records, Evan Grantski.

“I can see myself, I can see a lot of artists, a lot of murals downtown, that I didn’t know we had,” said Owner of The Munchies Lab, Ramiro Galbin.

With the downtown area continuing to grow, highlighting all the things to do benefits everyone.

“I’ve been downtown when there were just a few shops downtown, and now, it’s hard to even find an open building or a building for sale. So, that’s awesome that we’re getting to that point,” said Local Artist, billy s.

So, if you’re looking to see what businesses are carrying the book, or if you’re a business trying to be in the book next year, be sure to visit Beautify Augusta’s Facebook page.

“Just come in, grab one, and have fun coloring,” said Grantski.

“We’re gonna have some right down on Walton Way at Munchies Lab, so please swing by. We’re going to have a few of them,” said Galbin.

“I’m super excited about this. This is a really unique idea. I hope that other artists incentivized after seeing this book to get some more murals out and some more colors on the wall. So, maybe they can be in the book next time,” said King.

Here’s your answer to “Where can I my copy of the Downtown Augusta Coloring Book?”


  • Evans Sport & Spine Chiropractic Center
  • Grantski Records
  • The Munchies Lab Augusta
  • Hang-Ups Custom Framing and Art Gallery

Books are only $10 and proceeds will go back into Beautify Augusta to fund more public art projects downtown.