New ambulance contract before commissioners Tuesday


It’s the emergency call some Augusta leaders say needs to be made, 

“I think they understand the importance of this issue safety of an ambulance there is nothing more important than that,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

After more than two years Augusta Commissioners are considering contracting again with Gold Cross for ambulance service.

The old agreement falling  apart when the commission slashed Gold Cross’s subsidy  by 700 thousand dollars.

Now a new deal coming back before commissioners for approval

“I’m  for entering into the agreement myself because we’ve had this thing going on and on for so long now people are tired of it,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Under the proposed new agreement Gold Cross will give up the ambulance zone, and lower its rates to what the city charges.

In ex-change the city will again pay the company a 600 thousand dollar subsidy next year, and 650  thousand dollars  in 2021

But the subsidy is a sticking point for  some commissioners.
“Why are we paying for it ahead of time for example, you know how do we know how may patients have been served or how many clients haven’t been taken,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“They’ll drop their bills by half and drop the show up fee by half there will be accountability measures it’s just a win, win for everybody,” says the Mayor Pro-Tem.  

“There will be one vote that won’t be voting in their favor I still have an issue with the 650 thousand dollars,’’ said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“ It’s well worth the money we have to understand the population we represent entirely this is a win,win,’’ says the Mayor Pro-Tem.

 The ambulance contract goes to the full commission Tuesday during a special called meeting so final action can be taken as always six votes will be needed for approval 

But now  last week seven commissioners  signed  the action letter calling for the contract to be presented for the vote.

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