Neighbors wait for safer streets with permit parking


Getting home can sometimes be a struggle  for Tareon Johnson, because she had to compete with all the cars parked on her street.

 “Some days there’s no spots here at all and like I said when he new year starts the new school year starts that would have been the problem again, said Johnson. 

Johnson like other neighbors east of the downtown AU campus have been complaining for months about students parking on the streets in front of their homes

Now Commissioners taking action by approving permit only parking on three streets in the area. 

“The people that  live there that have a permit will be able to park and leave and come back and have a parking place,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy who represents the area. 

 Neighbors on the affected streets will begin getting stickers in two or three weeks and traffic engineering will put up signs saying permit parking only, enforcement will be slow at first. 

“What we’re going to do is work with the University and we’re going to issue warning tickets first let everybody know this program is in place we don’t want to hit everybody with a lot of tickets right away but after that short warning period we will start enforcing it,” says Traffic Engineere John Ussery.

Something neighbors say will make their  streets safer. 

“We’ve had some of our senior citizens be sick and the safety vehicles couldn’t get here only one car can come down at a time,” Johnson said. 

“This has worked in other cities to be honest I just took parts what other people have done to help craft our ordinance I think it will help with the nuisance parking,” says Ussery. 

“I am very happy, very happy.” says Johnson. 

The residents will have to pay five dollars a years to administer the program some neighbors did not want to pay  to park at their own homes, so those streets were not included, meaning students who could face tickets for parking on certain streets near campus may  just move to the nearby streets where permits are not required. 

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