Neighbors say they heard about 100 gun shots in a drive-by shooting


The search for suspects continues after a shooting that investigators say began as people in two cars shooting at each other as they drove down the road.

NewsChannel 6 reported Devin Johnson spoke with several neighbors, and they tell him the neighborhood is usually quiet.  

They add they never would expect a drive-by shooting to happen right in front of them.

North Augusta Public Safety got the call to a shooting near Pershing Drive and Alta Vista Ave.

The officers got there around 9:30 PM on Tuesday night and found two men injured by gunshot wounds.

Neighbors say the gunmen inside the cars were trying to shoot at each other.

“When I realize the two cars that were coming by, they slowed almost to a stop,” said Betty Rucker-Forbes. “I realize they were firing at them. So I turned around and made it back up my driveway.”

Rucker-Forbes says she was outside on her porch reading when one of the cars crashed.

“I saw a car go bouncing down and it ended up in that apartment,” explained Rucker-Forbes.

Another neighbor whose yard was destroyed in the shooting says they thought it was fireworks.

“We were watching tv last night,” said Bridgett Story. “We were in a back room, and we heard the gunshots coming down the road. It was hard at first to tell where they were coming from.”

The report also says a deputy located two handguns, loose cash, and a black bookbag with drugs inside of it. Story says she believes the neighborhood can return to normal

“I don’t feel think there is to much concern that is going to happen again, or people are fearful,” explained Story. “It’s mostly just shocking that it can happen in your neighborhood.”

Other neighbors Devin talked to who didn’t want to go on camera say; they heard about 100 gunshots that night. 

“Yeah, it was a lot,” said Rucker-Forbes. “It was two different guns i think. the casing on of them was very large.”

I also reached out to the city’s administratior, and he says Tuesday’s shooting will not stain the vision of North Augusta building a bigger city.

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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