BURKE Co. (WJBF)-“It’s just scary that we’re here due to the circumstances and it was just so close” said Alisha Marshall, live in Waynesboro.

A well known man in the community, Simon Powell went missing just over six years ago now the Burke County Sheriff’s Office is searching for his body near a pond on Ponderosa road just outside of Augusta. 

Alisha Marshall says she’s known Simon Powell and his family for years. 

“Actually I had no idea this pond was here I remember when it first happened when they did find his truck that was shocking as well but just to be so close it’s devastating” 

Jessica Ahliel says she also knew Powell and his wife, she says she was shocked when she realized they are searching for Powell in her neighborhood. 

“It’s just one of those moms wear hits really close to home and this is really too close and my kids walk up and down the street they don’t pretty much go down that way but I tell them go down to the  cul de sac come back because it’s right here “said Jessica Ahliel, lives nearby.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office arrested 38 year old Stacey Welch in connection to Powell’s case.

They say their interview with her, along with leads from the community, have been key.

“Our investigators have paid attention to details and have worked really hard to get her to admit some responsibility” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams

“It’s a lot really fast news that I just got today so I don’t know very uncomfortable that’s how I feel” said Ahliel

Sheriffs Williams says they are making other arrests and there is still a reward of $30,000 out for anyone who has information.