AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- This is the second time I’ve heard gun fire and at the end of the gun fire I’m hearing the next morning on the news that someone has been killed so I’m extremely concerned “ said Roderick Pearson, who lives in Augusta.

Concerned residents who live near Sycamore Drive and Alpine Road say the shooting Thursday morning that killed 22 year old Thaddeus Rodregus Price is not the first crime related incident in the area and they are expecting a change.

They met with District 3 Commissioner Catherine Smith-McKnight to talk about what can be done.

“Maybe one day you can bring in a crowd that says this place is really being monitored it got cameras everywhere bring in some good folks who would live here who want to feel safe.” said Commissioner Smith-McKnight.

Residents says for years The Landings apartment complex near the crime scene has not been a safe place to live and they are hoping for better security …. Especially for kids.

“I think we need to be more vocal and more verbal about it there is something that need to be down about the resident in the areas over there who they’re getting and how they’re either doing the application process how they’re screening them to keep people who are coming in who are crime focused.” said Ann Miller, lives in Augusta.

“I hate to see this happening but this is almost an everyday occurrence we have a situation now where people on our street cannot allow their children to play in the front yard anymore.” said Pearson

Commissioner Smith-McKnight says she met with the apartment managers to see how soon those cameras could be installed along with officer assistance.

“ I asked him how quick he could get it done he said he would have security officers  that have a place to come and stay here 24/7 “ said Smith-McKnight.