Neighbors convinced Ingleside Dr. church is really a rehab center, city leaders vote on operations


Neighbors in west Augusta are concerned over a church they say is being used more as a rehab facility.

That church is located on Ingleside Dr. It’s the current home of 143 Ministries.

At Augusta Public Services Committee, there was a 50-50 crowd in favor of the church and against it.

The city’s public services committee voted to allow the church to continue to operate and have both sides work together to come to a conclusion.

Neighbor, Carol Hoszowski, says, “I had thought that it was a church with regular church services and now I learned that they have released prisoners and drug addicts that have been coming here.”

Neighbors on ingleside drive argue that this facility, intended to be a church, actually operates as a rehab center.

The pastor spoke at the meeting. He says, “a whole bunch of people who were in the recovery committee who was trying to get clean are showing up to our church, and so being a christian, you know, understanding that we are going to love our neighbor and welcome everybody, we are welcoming everybody who showed up in it.”

People who live near the church showed up to voiced their concerns.

“When I come out to take my dog out, on Wednesday nights in particular,” says Hoszowski, “I noticed it’s very loud. There’s a lot going on over here.”

The pastor cleared that up at the meeting. He says, “on Wednesday night, we do have a Christ Center recovery meeting, just like 90% of the recovery meetings in this area are held in churches.”

Some of the people who live across the street say they’ve seen people at early morning hours laying outside the grass at the facility, and they are worried about crime rates increasing.

“This is a residential area,” says Hoszowski. “This is not the right situation placed for this type of activity, though I do admire what they are trying to do with these people. This is not the right location.”

The committee hopes that the neighbors and 143 Ministries will get together and work out the best way to coexist, but neighbors say according to the ministries website… church representatives weren’t telling the truth.

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