AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s no longer in use, but some neighbors say a security platform at Fox Trace Apartments needs to be.

“I see it as another eye for law enforcement, who is already low in numbers,” said Roderick Peason who lives nearby.  

The camera-equipped security platform drew the ire of commissioners Jordan Johnson and Dennis Williams as being out of place. Code Enforcement has since ordered it removed.

Bringing neighbors before the commission to blast the commissioners for interfering in the apartment’s security business.

“During the time the observation unit was up, there were no shots being fired, as soon as we took the observation unit down, the gunshots began,” said Peason.

Both Johnson and Williams deny calling code enforcement and are not backing away from opposing the platform.   

“My perception you’re waiting, you’re waiting on deer, you got people around in the field, and you’re sitting waiting until they come and pop a cap,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

 “You don’t put up an observation stand that gives off the impression that you’re ready to shoot people at any time in front of a Black neighborhood. The way that you get a handle on crime in a neighborhood is that you leverage your relationships with the Sheriff’s Office and your community,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

 The stand is out of service but with a lot of disagreement on whether that should change.