Neighborhoods host “Bear Hunt” to entertain kids during social distancing


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga (WJBF) – People living in Grenelefe Park in Columbia County are going on a “Bear Hunt.”

Neighborhoods across the country are taking a cue from the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” to keep kids — and their parents — entertained during this period of social distancing.

People are putting bears and stuffed animals in their windows for kids and families to spot while they’re out on a drive or walking.

We stopped in to Grenelefe Park and spoke with some of the neighborhood’s social committee members to see how the community was responding to the game.

“We’ve had at least six or seven families on Facebook say, ‘we’ll do it, we’ve got our bears up’. Somehow they would say they are going to participate. So, we’ve got at least 10 or 12 houses right now and we’re hoping for more. Some of the neighbors have already texted me or put on Facebook how they’ve enjoyed walking around with their kids and spotting the bears,” said social committee member, Heather Colley.

“That’s the best part for me, because I don’t have kids. So, I’ll open my windows, I’ll see them go by and the look on their faces when they find one and they’ll show their brother or sister…it’s just really special,” said Christy Martin.

The people of Grenelefe are hoping other surrounding neighborhoods will get involved in the “Bear Hunt” and say everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

“It’s really just having an activity they look forward to. It doesn’t matter. We’ve even got adults driving around looking for bears in the windows. So, kids of all ages are enjoying this,” said Martin.


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