Nearly a year since 20-year-old was killed in New Ellenton; family seeking answers


NEW ELLENTON, S.C. (WJBF) — It’s been about a year since the body of Rakeem Jackson was found in New Ellenton. Family members say within the last year, they haven’t seen much movement in the case. Now, they feel should be served.

“He loved music. He loved his job. He was a lovable person, sweet as he could be,” Kristie Green told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk when remembering her son. “But I stayed on him, ‘Rakeem those people you are hanging with ain’t the people you need to be hanging out with,'” she said.

It was just before midnight on January 24 when officials found a car with a man shot inside near the intersection of Valley Avenue and Shady Lane.

“I heard all these loud shots. It sounded like a war was going on, firecrackers, just pow, pow. All I could do was cover my ears,” said stated.

When the shots stopped, “my phone rang and my brother was hollering and screaming to the top of his lungs. I was trying to make out what he was saying and he said ‘he dead, he dead, he dead,'” she recalls.

Since then, Green says that she hasn’t heard anything from officials concerning the case. “I haven’t heard or talked to one investigator about my son. No one from the police department, sheriff’s office, nothing. As a mother, that’s my child. I birth him. I want answers and whatever it takes, it takes. I think I should be treated fairly like everybody else is treated fairly,” she said.

She feels that the incident could be some sort of retaliation. “I do believe family is a main factor. My son Rakeem’s ex-girlfriend had something to do with it,” she added.

Shawn took a trip to the police department to learn more about the investigation but he was told the police chief was not available. When speaking with her on the phone she said that she would not discuss the investigation over the phone but there’s nothing new to report.

“I know there are a lot of unsolved murders out here, but investigate it,” Green said. “Let the family know that you’re trying and you are working. You don’t hear anything. Like he was some stray cat or dog. He was a human being. He was my son that I love dearly and it’s been coming up to a whole year and it seems like it just happened yesterday, Green added.

Meanwhile, her home has also been the target of crime. “I have had three home shootings. Each time those shooting happen, I was home in my bed. Nobody has been arrested.”

Two vehicles were seen on the home surveillance system. “All I knew is that the owner was arrested for some drugs that were found in the car. The car broke down on him and the owner of the car was arrested for the drugs inside the car. Other than it, I haven’t heard anything,” she said.

The heartbroken mother is now leaning on her faith but also wants to know, at the very least, what’s happening to get her son’s killer.

“I thank the man above for keeping me as strong as I am. Most parents would have been lost their minds. You got a lot of people out here sitting back and judging you. And the average person probably couldn’t walk in my shoes. I’m never going to stop talking about it,” she added.

Meanwhile, if you have any information, contact police.

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