AIKEN, S.C. – Three barns at Stable View Farm were lifted off of their foundation and into the middle of the road during those storms. Crews from National Weather Service have confirmed, it was a tornado.

“It was almost pinpoint accuracy where the tornado came down, where it left. I mean there isn’t a trail of a mile or two where it created absolute devastation . It’s almost as if it picked on Stable View plus one of our neighbors who got beaten up as well,” says Barry Olliff, owner of Stable View Farm.

South Carolina Department of Transportation crews are cleaning up stable view farm’s three destroyed barns after those storms pounded this area Thursday. Workers from the National Weather Service say based on the damage, a tornado touched down here.

“Since pine trees are snapped, there were some barns behind us about five barns that were totally destroyed. We look at the magnitude of the damage to come up with the strength of the tornado and which case we think right now we’re at an EF1,” says John Quagliariello, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist from National Weather Services.

Weather experts tell us winds got up to as high as 105 to 110 miles per hour.

“We also need to determine the track length and the path length and the width of the tornado, so we’ll be trying to assess where the tornado first touched down and where it lifted back up and come up with an overall length, and look at how wide the damage occurred,” says Quagliariello.

Stable view farm owner Barry Olliff tells us from the looks of the damage, he’s not sure how much is insurance will pay for.

“Some insurance policies don’t cover natural disasters. They’re there for other things such as breakages or if something gets stolen. So I don’t know what the insurance position will be yet,” says Olliff.

There were no injuries reported, but National Weather Services tell us they were able to put out a warning alert 25 minutes before the tornado came through. Experts tell us this is a perfect example to seek shelter when warnings are in effect.