Mysterious bus driver hands out cold water and towels to road crew on her route


APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) – She wishes to remain anonymous but a local school bus driver’s kindness is being seen all over the world.

“Takes a special kind of person to be a bus driver and this confirms that,” said Columbia County Schools Assitant Superintendent Penny Jackson.

It’s remarkable what a simple act of kindness can do. Earlier this week, a viewer caught a glimpse of that while driving her son home from school on Cobbham Road in Appling.

Shannon Moore shares on Facebook the bus driver’s act of kindness.

She saw a Columbia County bus driver handing out free water and cold towels to people working on the side of the road.

“She didn’t even realize it was going to be noticed other than from the construction. That relief at the end of the day like that it had to just be very heartwarming for them as well,” said Jackson.

Many of the men on the road crew hail from Virginia. They never thought they would meet Superwoman in Georgia.

Road crews work in the hot sun improving Cobbham Road in Appling.

Jackson explained the bus driver’s humbleness.

“She doesn’t want to be interviewed because she didn’t do that gesture for that purpose. She did the gesture out of the kindness of her heart and all of the fanfare that’s coming with it, it’s certainly not something she was intending to deal with. It was more of just doing a good deed.”

The bus driver’s colleagues said she knows all of her passengers by name and would do anything for them.

“They don’t get summers off. They’re working diligently to make sure the routes are perfect. The kids are assigned to buses and that our bus drivers are trained properly so it’s a full-time job for them. This is one of those stories you don’t mind now going viral,” said Jackson.

The kind bus driver makes her way on her route.

After following the bus driver on her route, NewsChannel 6 got to meet her.

The only thing the humble bus driver said she’s, “doing God’s work.”

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