AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Most would say nurses are the backbone of the healthcare community before and during the pandemic. In fact nurses say they do what they do because their first thought is ‘how can I help?’

One nurse we spoke to says, it feels good to be recognized for the hard work that they do. 

“Nurses, in my opinion, are one of the cornerstones of medicine. We are with the patients– day in day out– for hours on end. We form relationships with them, we gain their trust and we’re with them through some of the best and worst moments in their lives,” AU Health Pediatric Vascular Nurse Jennifer Croft said.

Nurses week began May 6th and continued for the past week. At Augusta University Health, nurses participated in all sorts of events. 

“It was a good week, we had a lot of fun, we had a lot of activities throughout the hospital for all types of nurses. In the pediatric world, we have a little bit more fun– one of the floors had a different day where you dress up as different characters, different things,” Croft said. 

At Doctors Hospital, they also enjoyed some fun celebrating their teams of nurses as well, with a party theme of their own. 

“Today there is a really big party– a Hawaiian party– where you have to wear a lei and you go get the Bar-B-Que and that’s going on as we speak,” Director of Hyperbaric and Wounds at the JMS Burn Center at Doctors Hospital Dr. John Rumbaugh said.

Dr. Rumbaugh says the role of nurse is instrumental to the healthcare system.

“Any institution that provides health care recognizes that a strong nursing staff is vital,” Dr. Rumbaugh said.

While today is the last day of Nurse Appreciation week, their efforts are appreciated today and the days that follow.