Music for Memories benefits Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care


The Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care hosted its annual benefit concert Thursday night at the Miller Theater. 

Country star Kane Brown performed at the event along with Seaforth and Jacob Woods. 

The Hickey Center is a day center for people with Alzheimer’s or a similar dementia. 

Earlier today, the three acts stopped by the non-profit for a special performance.  

Dr. Andrea Bussey is on the Jud C. Hickey Center Board of Directors.

“Most of us grew up with some type of music, whether it’s through church or social events or just in your home singing “Happy Birthday.” And typically music brings back so many good memories! And as you have Alzheimer’s and start to lose your newer memories, it’s your old memories that you do still have – and music can invoke some of those memories.”

Every dollar raised at the concert tonight will go toward helping seniors at the Jud C. Hickey Center.

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