Mothers react to local 12-year-old’s death


Lots of parents let their kids play with their friends at the park every day.

They assume nothing will go wrong. NewsChannel 6 spoke with River Region parents who are concerned about their children, and heartbroken over the tragedy with Melquan Robinson.

“I was just really surprised that happened and why? You never think of something like that,” said a mom Lea Smith.

The Richmond County Coroner’s Office is investigating the death of 12-year-old Melquan Robinson

On October 15th, Melquan was playing football at Fleming Park and when the ball went over the fence, he went to go get it. He touched the fence and was electrocuted. Melquan later died.

“It was a freak accident. I don’t think there was no harm intentioned for that child,” said another mom Donna Williams.

Both Smith and Williams agree with each other.

Smith added, “It could happen to anyone because kids are going to run. Kids are going to play.”

The City of Augusta responded to Melquan’s death, saying facilities at several parks including May Park and Diamond Lakes will be inspected. According to Smith and Williams, they always make sure their kids know how to be safe at a park.

“I always tell my children know where you’re at, know what you’re doing, stay with your group,” explained Smith.

Williams encouraged, “We have to know where our children are. What they’re doing at all times and we just pray for their safety.”

Prayers going out to everyone who was involved in Melquan’s life.

“I really have a prayer line going to the family and the community,” said Smith.

“I’m a product of Glenn Hills High so I know he probably would’ve been at Glenn Hills High too but my prayers really go out to the mother and the entire family,” said Williams.

A Go Fund Me is set up for Melquan’s family. If you want to donate click here.

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