Mother searching for answers after son found dead in home in 2015; working with CrimeStoppers to offer reward


Damion Green

BARNWELL COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — It’s been four years since a Barnwell County, South Carolina mother learned her son was killed the week before his senior year in college.

“Nobody for no reason has a right to take another individual’s life,” Deloris Boyce told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk about the untimely death of her son, Damion Green. “Every day when I pray I don’t just pray for myself I pray for every mother who’s ever been in the season of having to bury her child.”

Boyce is reflecting on good times and searching for answers following Green’s death. “We were finally to that point where he said mom I think I got it,” she recalled.

It was back in 2015 when Boyce received devastating news. She, worried after not hearing from the 24-year-old for a while asked relatives to check on him. “My brother then called my nephew and my nephew went over there and found him shot,” she said.

Local authorities turned the investigation into his death to state police. SLED confirmed to Shawn that they are still investigating. Boyce said she met with SLED in the beginning but there wasn’t much movement.

“I talked to SLED maybe two days after Damion’s murder and two of them introduced themselves as investigators on the case and they love to say they are ‘putting the pieces of the puzzle together’ that was basically it until last year when I got that inbox,” she recalled. “I never talked to SLED again about Damion’s murder. They never called me that’s the sad part, they never came back and said ‘this is where we are in the investigation we want you to know this.’ But when [the investigator] came here after we called about the inbox, he said he was the lead investigator on the case and that he felt the names that we gave him were right on course with the names that they had.”

That inbox message — Boyce received that two years ago. It was one that purportedly gave her details like possibly her son’s last words as well as who was present at the time of the murder. Now she’s asking for that person to come forward. “If you’re heartless enough to inbox me that you set my son up to be murdered, you need to come forward and tell your name. Don’t be a coward about it. Go to the police, go to SLED and tell them you did it, you told me,” Boyce stated.

She says that she even wrote a letter to the director of the organization but she never heard back. “How you not write a grieving mother back or pick up the phone and call her?” she asked.

The search for answers made her put boots on the ground in Denmark, to get answers from anyone who may know anything. Then she realized that may not be a good idea. “I can’t go around asking people questions and stuff that’s SLED’s job. I’m putting myself in danger like that.”

A mother is searching for answers after her son, Damion Green was murdered in his home back in 2015. She spoke with me on how she went to Denmark, South Carolina looking for information. More on her story tonight at 6 and 11 on WJBF NewsChannel 6

As a mother, his sister Dalia, and their family attempt to move on from the wrench in life’s plan, while Damion may not be here, his legacy lives on with a son he never met. “He is the spitting image of his father. His entire being. He’s laid back. He don’t like confrontation, just like his dad,” she said smiling.

Now it’s closure Boyce wants and forgiveness she wants to give but it’s under one condition, the suspect or suspects turning themselves in.

“That was my only son and I’m not going to get him back but I want justice. I can forgive but I want justice. I want to look them in their face in the courtroom and I’ll forgive them but I just want to ask them why, why you had to kill him?” she added.

She has joined CrimeStoppers of the Midlands to offer a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Damion’s murder.

If you can contact them anonymously. The number is 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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