AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A mother is pleading for her son’s return after his disappearance four weeks ago.

“I know I’d tell him I love him and I’ve missed him and I would give him a big hug,” Sally Williams told NewsChannel 6 as she waits for her son’s return.

It’s been more than four weeks since Williams last spoke with her son, Keith Styburski. It was Sunday, July 24 and she had been hospitalized.”

“So, I said when are you going to come up and see me? He said I’m going to come up and see you this evening,” she recalled. “And then he never showed up.”

The 37-year-old Richmond County man still has not showed up home. Williams told NewsChannel 6 he was seen by his ex-wife on Tuesday, July 26. Then the next day, a strange turn of events. His vehicle was hit by a train on Watkins Pond Road near Mike Padgett Highway. His mother said the train conductor saw him walking in the area wearing just a pair of shorts and one shoe, claiming he’d just gone swimming. Williams said, she suspects foul play.

“I can’t picture him going in those lakes with the alligators in there and snakes and all kinds of stuff. It just wouldn’t be like him to do that,” she noted.

Williams shared that investigators with Richmond County do have some cell phone activity. But her son’s location is still unknown, for now, she’s remembering the good times and staying hopeful.

“I really miss him,” Williams said lovingly. “This is just almost too much for me to take.”

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office noted that Styburski was last seen on Mims Road and may be suffering from a mental crisis. Contact Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 706-821-1080 with information about his disappearance.

Photojournalist: Regynal McKie