AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – The mother of 20-year-old Kevin Coatney who was shot and killed outside of the 706 lounge is still searching for answers.

Artia Jones and other family members have put together a go fund money to raise reward money for anyone with answers surrounding Kevin’s death.

So far they’ve raised 1 thousand dollars. Jones says as they raise more money, the reward will continue to go up. She says investigators do have leads, but it’s still nothing solid.

“We just want someone please anybody come forth with any kind of information. We don’t just want to sit back and Richmond County hasn’t figured this out. We called investigators we have no answers and I just really been hoping and praying and crying that someone come forward to give us anything concerning Kevin’s death,” said Artia Jones, Coatney’s mother.

You can contribute to that GoFundMe by clicking here.