Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Nine Augusta commissioners heading at a resort in Colorado for the four-day NACO Conference.

Commissioner Ben Hasan did not go nor Mayor Davis, but he supports commission travel. 

“There are policy initiatives they can learn and glean from hopefully they will successfully come back with those things look for an opportunity to implement and execute without delay,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.   

But when commissioners travel to do taxpayers feel their money is well spent.

”No, I don’t think so I think we deserve to have it back in our city and there’s too many things that we need,” said Sally Puckett.

Back in February Commissioners decided they needed more money for conferences.

Voting to add 30 thousand dollars to their travel budget, this allowed them to add another national convention to their scheduled like the Colorado convention.

“I would enjoy a vacation too but you’re not going to see me getting one,” said Puckett. 

“It’s not a vacation they say it’s work, excuse me I don’t care what you call it you have plenty of time for vacation” said Puckett.

The vote to increase the travel budget passed 7-to 3, however those voting no Commissioners Clarke, McKnight and Dennis Williams are attending the Colorado conference.

“There is this notion in Augusta that if I minimalize opportunities for those that we elected we’re still going to be a successful city and that is the most foolish thing I have ever heard,” said Mayor Davis.

“If you want to put the money into something, put it back into Augusta Georgia, give us the things we need here there are so many things we could use instead of them going off and spending the money someplace else,” said Puckett.

Commissioners are out learning in Colorado but not all taxpayers are high on the idea.