Moss Creek residents mad about geese removal


There is an animal control problem in one Columbia County neighborhood.

Neighbors say geese that live in a pond are becoming pests, but they are upset with how the HOA President is handling the problem.

Neighbors agreed to put up a trap for the geese to be relocated, but they disagree with the method that was taken instead.

Moss Creek resident, Ashley Swygert, says, I had just gotten out of the shower, doing my make up, and I hear two shot gun blasts ring off.

The geese in Moss Creek have irritated neighbors for as long as they can remember. They have agreed on the trap and relocation of the geese, but with little communication between the residents and their HOA board, it didn’t go as planned.

HOA President, Iris Souza, says, that was the trapper man’s decision to shoot the geese. That was the only way to get rid of the geese. And he notified Columbia County.

Souza got a permit from the GEORGIA DNR to hire someone to trap the geese, and although it doesn’t say they can use firearms, The permit says, according to local ordinances, with the Sherrif’s department calling the shots, it was allowed.

We have a legal document stating we can catch up to 20 geese until April the 30th, says Souza.

The document was signed March 15th. That gives the man trapping the geese more than a month to try and get 20. Do the math…he only gave it two weeks.

We are also missing about 13 ducks, because we had roughly about 17, says Swygert.

The trapper captured and relocated the ducks.

As it turned out, the trapper man was only able to catch 2 geese, and in the process, unfortunately there was some ducks that went in the trap, and he carried them off. I want to emphasize, the ducks were not destroyed. The ducks were relocated, says Souza.

She says she should have told the community about the trapper’s plans, but she says it does not excuse the back lash she received.

I have been getting death threats. I have been getting threats that they are going to come at Masters week and protest in front of my home, says Souza.

She is resigning from the HOA Board.

An emergency HOA meeting is planned on April 16th  and neighbors told NewsChannel 6 that they will be in attendance.

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