AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Muralist and graphic designer, Jason Craig has teamed up with the Morris Museum for their Mural Camp for Teens.

This is the second year for the summer camp, and it’s already a success.

“The goal is for the kids to learn how to paint a mural, they design the whole thing themselves, they conceive it, they have to draw it up on the wall,and they have to paint everything. I’m here to guide them, instruct them, but they’re not painting my mural, they’re painting their mural, and my hope is that they’ll leave here to do another one on their own,” said Craig.

Over the past few years artists from around the area have been bringing more murals to the Garden City, and now a new generation of artists are being trained to help keep the trend going.

“We didn’t know if it would work but it went fantastic last year so this year we decided we would do two camps, so we’re going to do one this week on this wall, and then next week we’ve got a whole new group of kids and we’ll do a wall right around the corner.”

The Camp is already sold out but Craig encourages people to go to the Morris Museums website to see other programs that are happening.

If you’re an up and coming artist, getting the chance to bond with other aspiring artists may be right up your alley.

“A lot of these kids don’t know each other, they don’t go to school together and some of them are home schooled, some of them go to Davidson, so there are all different skill levels but they all come out here and they really mesh well and get along and work in teams, and you would not believe that these kids did not know each other before they got here.”

The future is looking bright for artists in the CSRA. There’s just one thing left needed to keep the trend of beautifying the area going.

“There is tons of interest in murals, there’s tons of interest in participating in the camp, what we don’t have a ton of are walls. So if there are any building owners that are interested in having a mural on their wall. They’re going to look good, it’s going to bring attention, it’s going to beautify the area, so contact Morris because we’re looking for more walls.”