More than a game:100 Black Men of Augusta helps youth with 25th annual basketball tournament


The 100 Black Men of Augusta Basketball tournament does a lot of great things from our community.

Not only do the members benefit from it, but the basketball players and coaches get excited about playing in the annual tourney.

25 years of dunks, layups, and three-pointers; the 100 Black Men of Augusta celebrates its annual Thanksgiving weekend basketball tournament.

It officially tip-offs the basketball season in the River Region. James Quarles told NewsChannel 6 Reporter Devin Johnson the tournament helps boys in the program to have male role models. 

“I feel well what we are trying to do as members of the 100, in reference of mentoring our kids,” explained Quarles. “This has been a number one fundraiser, and every year has it progressed.”

20 plus years teams from Augusta dribbled their way in support of the 100 Black Men Inc’s goal.

Quarles says its important for the 40 boys in the program to have a male presence by their side.

“That’s one thing we try to focus on having a male image they can look up too,” said Quarles. “As well to be able to assist them in going to college by the time get to their senior year.”

Evans High School’s head coach Kevin Kenny has been coaching basketball more than 20 years.

Coach Kenny says he brings his players to the tournament every year because it helps students get scholarships, and the competition the tournament brings.

An event that started as a fundraiser to help young boys in the program is now Augusta’s prestige basketball tournament.

The 100 Black Men of Augusta sports chairman says he is glad to give back to the community.

“We are right now three times the amount from where we started in 1994,” said Quarles. “In reference in giving our seniors something to help them to attend college. “It’s something that helps them as a scholarship when they finish our program their senior year.”

The basketball tournament will continue at Glenn Hills High School. Events will include the principal free throw contest, three-point shootout, and slam dunk contest. 

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