AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has announced more than $83 million are going to public safety projects across the state, and $4.4 million of that is coming to the Augusta area. 

The Richmond County Marshal’s office is one of six local law enforcement agencies to receive a portion of the big money. Executive Officer Jeff Barrett says the $1.5 million they’re getting will go to key improvements. 

“We were pleasantly surprised to hear that those dollars were going to a good cause,” said Barrett.

“About half of that is in the equipment and machinery category of that grant, and with that we’re upgrading our equipment to a newer technology for walkthroughs.” 

That newer technology is called Millimeter Wave, and they’re planning to install it at various locations to replace the old metal detectors.

Barrett also says the other half of their grants will go towards integrating those screening devices at various locations, and securing a new juvenile justice center.

But this is just one example of where this big sum of money is going across the CRSA.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office will receive about $1.2 million, which will go towards new body-worn cameras, and implementing public safety technology and proactive policing methods to combat gun violence.

Burke County’s Sheriff’s Office will get a little over $1.3 million, and they’re using it to create a comprehensive youth violent crime reduction and prevention program.

The Sheriff’s Office for Washington County is getting approximately $1.5 million, and $300,000 is going to the law enforcement in McDuffie County for new equipment and technology to fight against violent crime.

Finally, the city of Sylvania will receive close to $160,000 for the installation of law enforcement grade equipment.

The grants are going to these all of these agencies, along with more than 100 qualified projects across the state.

In a statement, Governor Kemp said, “From tackling staffing needs to deploying new equipment and technology, these funds are being invested so that our brave first responders have the resources they need to fight back against dangerous criminals.”

Public safety continues to be a top priority for the Governor and his administration, and law enforcement officials say this money will help ensure that safety across the CSRA and the state.