AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — On Elders Drive, the signs put the speed limit at 25 and remind drivers to be mindful of children, but neighbors say they do not always work.

“The traffic is crazy, it is very unsafe for children to walk, or do anything to ride bikes, they fly by like crazy,” said Mackenzie Howard.

That is why neighbors here went to commissioners with a petition for speed humps, traffic slowing devices designed to get drivers to hit the brakes.

“They’re speeding down here and nothing is slowing them down, kids are walking in the street someone can get hurt,” said Joseph Williams.  

In February, commissioners approved a new speed hump policy to make it easier for neighborhoods to get them. It did away with the special tax residents had to pay and reduced the number of signatures needed on the petition, but the policy still requires a speed study. 

“It is reckless speeding here on Elders Drive, they actually did a speed study in a 25-mile zone they are doing forty-seven in a residential area,” said Patricia Geter, who led the neighborhood’s effort.

On nearby Flagler Road, neighbors also petitioned for speed humps, and they have been in place since late summer, but neighbors say they are not tall enough.

“They’re not working good; people are flying right across them like they’re not even there, they say that is the specifications for the humps, but it is just not working,” said Jerald Brown, who lives on Flagler Road.

The city has determined there is a speeding problem on Elders Drive, and speed humps are on the way.

“Hopefully, it will work,” said Williams.

And, hopefully, drivers will take it slow.