NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- During Monday’s city council meeting, North Augusta council members discussed where they are with expanding the amphitheater in Riverside Village.

The city is looking to add more restrooms and seats.

“We’re going to take the middle section of the amphitheater which is now just shrubs and put another 350 seats there, so now you’re talking about an amphitheater, which currently holds 850 people will now hold close to twelve hundred and that is going to be awesome we are so excited about it,” said Mayor Briton Williams, North Augusta.

The city received a $150,000 grant, this will be added on to a previous grant for parks and recreation to go toward the project.

“It’s a grant through the South Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation Tourism, purpose of it is to highlight places in South Carolina that have less than $900,000 of foundation tax revenue,” said Karl Waldhauer, facilities and Programs Superintendent.

An old tree was taken down in the middle of the amphitheater where the seats will be added….. allowing more space for events to take place.

“When the facility was built, we were looking at roughly twenty six hundred dollars a seat for this expansion a lot of the earth work has been done all the plaza everything has been done roughly looking at about $850 a seat if we decide to fill in with 350,” said Waldhauer

Concerts and other events are planning to happen this summer in the amphitheater. Mayor Williams says it’s not certain the  seats will be added by then.

“I don’t know that I would be shocked if we could get it done that quick it would be wonderful if we could the bottom line this was the first step early just in discussion, we haven’t voted on anything so I don’t think anything would happen by June. We wanted to get feedback and yes we would proceed with it.”

Council members along with the parks and recreation department say hopefully this project will be done as soon as possible.