COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga (WJBF) – Crews from Columbia County School District Police, Columbia County Emergency Management Agency, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Columbia County Fire Rescue, responded to a call of a gas leak at Grovetown High School.

It was an only a drill, but it tested actual response times as crews activated emergency protocols — the same response that would be used in a real situation.

“They set up their command post and they searched around the school to find exactly where the leak was and cleared and evacuated the students and faculty and everything happened very quickly,” Columbia County EMA director Shawn Granato said.

The Columbia County School District used the opportunity to prepare to respond to any situation that may threaten the safety of students.

“It gives us an opportunity to walk through different scenarios and talk about what if this happened and walk through what happened today and say okay what if this was active shooter,” Associate Superintendent of Columbia County Schools Penny Jackson said.

Jackson said they also plan to put what they learned Wednesday in place in each school.

“Every single school will get feedback from today’s exercise so that they can shape it and mold it to their school and their situation and make it as real world as possible,” Jackson said.