MLK statue proposed for Broad Street


In the next three and a half years, four years downtown Augusta is in for a major overhaul,a massive streetscape project and city leaders have a dream of putting a statue of a civil right Icon here as well.

City leaders believe Broad Street is where they want to honor Martin Luther King.

“I think it’s very important because it shows unity, diversity, inclusion at a time we certainly looking for more of that,” said Reverend Larry Fryer of the MLK Celebration Committee.

Reverend Larry Fryer’s committee has been looking for years for the perfect site for a Martin Luther King Statue Park and Gardens.

The committee considered the Mother Trinity, church site,and across the street from the Judicial Center but the number one location is downtown.

“The preferred spot, is 10th and Broad that is what we’ve agreed on,” said Revered Fryer.

Augusta Commissioners also agreed, but some offered other locations like Springfield Park on Reynolds Street.

“Being that it’s closed to Springfield Baptist Church which is where Morehouse College started which Doctor King was a student a Morehouse,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“I think it wouldn’t get the traffic there than it would on Broad Street,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

But the city has big plans for rraffic on Broad Street with the streetscape project, now commissioners are directing adding the MLK Statue Park and Gardens to the plan.

“The consultant is going to look at all aspects of Broad Street what’s there what’s proposed in the concept everything in between so this is right up their alley where there suppose to be doing so this is the perfect time to do this,” said Traffic Engineer John Ussery.

Now construction on the downtown project is likely would not start until 2023 engineer say they would not want to put a statue in before that but Reverend Fryer says he wants to see the MLK statue and gardens as soon as possible, In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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