Mission Dawgs Augusta partners with Creative Cuisine to feed the homeless


“It’s just a positive way to try to make a change,” says Mike Garrison, Director of Mission Dawgs Augusta.

Homelessness is a big issue in Augusta that Mike Garrison strives to make an impact on.

“Augusta is beautiful one week a year. I want it to be beautiful all year long, and so helping other people never hurt anybody. Getting involved with something like this..for me it was a game changer,” says Mike Garrison.

So this is how he changes the game every weekend. On Saturdays the Mission Dawgs Augusta Prep to feed the homeless every Sunday.

This time they partnered with Creative Cuisine’s to get meals out to 150 people– but it’s not your ordinary bagged lunches.

“Tri-Colored pasta salad with English cucumbers, air loom tomatoes, blueberries, pineapple, and watermelon salad, and then we’re having roasted chicken with homemade ranch, cheese, and crispy bacon, and organic lettuce wraps,” says Megan Alig, Executive Chef and Owner of Creative Cuisine.

All intentionally homemade and organic selections.

“The homeless people deserve the same type of food that I’m putting out. Even for clients that are paying for it, so I’m not going to compromise what I do just because these people don’t have anywhere to live,” says Megan Alig.

The Mission Dawgs also plan to hand out toiletries and clothes, but that’s not all…

“We’ve actually moved three people off the streets and into apartments, so that’s a huge success. We’ve sent three people home, bought them bus tickets to be back with their families,” says Mike Garrison.

Organizers believe providing service in our community should not be limited to just the downtown area.

“Being downtown I knew that was where a large group could be found, but I had no idea really at that time that I could be finding them all over the city,” says Mike Garrison.

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