AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Wednesday at Augusta National, its the last day of the practice rounds with the patrons back. Things are getting a little bit back to normal, however, that’s not the case with the popular par three.

Kevin Gough has never been to the par three tournament, that’s because this is his first visit to the Masters.

“I’m just excited to be out to be honest with you around people its been a while so I’m not going to be upset I missed the Par 3” he said.

Since 1960, if it’s Wednesday at the Masters it’s Par 3 day. A Wednesday practice round ticket meant a chance to sit back and enjoy the fun.

“I love it, just to see a lot of the older players play sometimes with their children or spouses  out there. Its a real family feel, its a great event,” said Jon Thornton, of Virginia Beach.

But the event has been a casualty of COVID-19 two years running, something patrons didn’t know when they scored their Wednesday tickets earlier this year. 

“Thrilled I’ve actually never got to come on a Wednesday so something to look forward to the answer is always yes when you score a ticket for any day,” said Cheyenne Overby from Tampa.

“I was pretty excited about I’m okay with not having it,” said Austin Freeman, of Birmingham.

“Really,” I asked.

“Just to be here is enough,” he said.

“I mean the players are right in front of you.”

“Oh yeah,”

“You didn’t feel like whomp , whomp  no Par 3?”

“A little bit of me yeah a little bit of me,” he said.

Of course the Par 3 a lot of fun played on Augusta National’s  little golf course. missing it, well more than a little disappointing.

In Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.