AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – People from around the community gathered at the Augusta Common to support the Miracle Mile Walk.

“The Miracle Mile Walk is to raise funds so that local women in our community can get screenings for breast cancer. This walk saves lives, pays for mammograms for women in our region in this 25 county area and we’re so thankful the community is supportive of this effort and the fight to save lives,” said Laurie Ott, President of the Piedmont Augusta Foundation.

This is the 22nd year for the Miracle Mile. The last few years the walk was turned into a drive due to COVID restrictions, so this year everyone was happy to be back out and walking again.

“It’s always so heartwarming to survivors, family members, physicians, and members of the Piedmont Augusta Hospital system, here, supporting this event, and being excited about it, it really is a celebration, and it’s a way to honor those who are either in the fight now or have won the fight. It’s also a way to remember those who have lost the battle,” said Ott.

“I love having the walk, a lot of people show up, and the comradery and everyone loves each other, and that’s what it’s all about, to celebrate life and honor those less fortunate,” said Breast Cancer Survivor, Cindy Rigdon.

“It makes us feel so good that the community can come together, for one common cause to really support everyone that is in this battle, and in memory of those who have lost their lives to breast cancer,” said Miracle Mile Walk participant, Lauren Green.

The walk is all about bringing people together but also about spreading awareness.
“One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, it does not have to be a death sentence if it’s caught early enough,” said Ott.

“One of the things that we can’t speak loudly enough is that we have free screening mammograms available to the community, there’s no financial barrier. People can call, just walk on in and say that they’re interested and want one regardless of insurance status, we provide free mammograms and we have programs in place to cover the cost of any abnormalities found on any of those mammograms and any subsequent care required,” said Matthew Pugliese, a Breast Surgical Oncologist.

This year’s Miracle Mile Walk was a big success and it’s sure to be an event that returns for years to come.

“We are just so excited that the community supports us, that sponsors support us, business support us and individuals. It’s really a beautiful cross section of the community and we’re very thankful,” said Ott.