Millennials may actually vote in the midterm election


Experts suggest millennials are not as involved in politics as they should. Students at Augusta University are trying to change that narrative. 

“Vote early,” chanted the students.

They are fired up about this year’s midterm election. Francys Johnson and other candidates in the democratic party stop by to get the Jaguars’ support in the election.

Sadiyah Ali Nur says their visit shows her and her peers they care about their opinions. 

“Just the fact to take time out of their day to speak us young students who sometimes feel like are not voice isn’t heard; they are sparking that fire in us, and it’s a really cool feeling,” said Ali Nur.

Candidate Johnson told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson he’s glad so many young adults care about things that will affect them.

“The going away with the loan forgiveness program, the failure to expand education opportunities, including debt-free college; it will impact millennials more than it will impact anyone else,” explained Johnson. “That’s why we are making a case for them that they have something that’s on the ballots in this election.”

What is the interest that has millennials going out to vote? 

“The current people who are running for positions are sparking that fire in us young millennials, young adults to get out there,” said Ali Nur. “I feel like that’s reaching people.”

The nursing student says she is encouraging all of her peers to realize their voice matters too. 

“Their eyes are opening, and they realize they have an impact in what I do,” explained Ali Nur. “So I feel like that’s what’s different.”

Candidate Johnson is not only making his case to sit in Congress, but he is also educating the students at AU the importance of voting.

“Once they see that they are included in that document they will understand how precious that right is,” said Johnson. “I think we will see an expansion of the vote among millennials, and we are here to encourage that in this process.”

Francys Johnson will have another rally Tuesday at 5:30 pm at Julian Smith Barbecue Pit. The event is a part of his “People’s First Tour.”

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