AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – Among some of the biggest cash awards, this Mega Million jackpot for more than a billion dollars is up for grabs and people are playing any way they can. But tonight, a lucky winner could go to sleep a billionaire. 

“I would thank God, first of all, and uh, how many other people can I bless cause we can’t take it with us– you know. It’s just going to be a bigger pile of ashes when we go,” ticket buyer DeMarcus Whittaker said.

Some people play for fun, with no expectations of winning, only hope. 

But others play with the aim to win.

“This is what most people have dreamed of hitting, especially if you’re the solo winner– iti changes lives, families– it’s just, just unbelievable,” ticket buyer Antonio Dunn said.

But, despite the outcome, there are some who are okay with whatever happens. 

“Well, God’s will be done. So, it’s like whether you hit or not, it’s like it’s, it’s, sometimes it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing,” Whittaker said.

Billion dollar dreams, leaving lots of people buying tickets both in Augusta and across the country as they lined up hoping to cash in tonight.

This is the third time in Mega Millions’ 20 years that the jackpot has topped a billion dollars.

Players say, if they won, they probably wouldn’t know how to feel at that exact moment, but they have ideas for their next steps. 

“I’m sure I’ll probably have a heart attack, but the first thing would be ‘what will I do?’ Uh, I know I’m going into seclusion for the first thing– definitely pay my house off, sick of that mortgage,” Dunn said.

If you’re still interested in playing, the latest Time to purchase a ticket is 10 pm.