Meeting set to air depot project concerns


The future of the downtown depot project could depend on what answers Augusta leaders get next week.

The 94 million dollar housing and retail development right now is in limbo, after several commissioners say they cannot approve 12 million dollars in bonds for construction.

Commissioners have insisted on a meeting with the developers and the downtown development authority to get the answers to their concerns.

“If this meeting doesn’t go well, could this project go down?”

” I hope would not, they’ve been here for four years, they’ve put over a half a million dollars of their own money we haven’t had tax revenue on the property in 51 years there’s a huge halo effect if this happens this is one of those deals as to why Augusta doesn’t move forward because we don’t want to work together and communicate together,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday.

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